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It seems pretty clear what a listener could expect from an artist named Partiboi69. Music that is provocative, high-octane, and infallible in its ability to induce strong pelvic movement. Well those who think that are fully correct because the Australian producer, DJ, labelhead, vocalist, and broadcaster takes those qualities and dials them up to the maximum.

There is a lot going on in the mind behind the sunglasses that he never seems to take off. Like a lot, but it’s cool because he loves to share it with his community of fellow partiers.

Since 2018 Partiboi69 has exemplified the Australian underground scene, honing in on all the raucous qualities Aussie’s joyfully spread around the world. His tracks take club beats and douse them in energy with tempos that rarely drop below the raviest levels while employing different types of jittery and expressive vocals that range from shouting matches with himself on “Magnificent” to tantalizing hooks on “Freq U All Nite.”

These same qualities are what define the Partiboi69 presence on YouTube as well. His livestream sets—which he has continued despite the rolling back of pandemic era restrictions—put Partiboi69 into shared audio and visual form with distorted multicolored background visuals and special guests like Skream and KETTAMA. The livestreams come alongside music videos that provide educational videos in horseflow martial arts or a clinic in arcade fighting games.

But the culmination of everything Partiboi69 is in the live show. In February 2022, he brought the Church of ‘69 live to Printworks London. The legendary venue became a cathedral for the night with Partiboi69 standing at the altar. He directed live instruments, guest vocalists, and sensational theatrics, all astride a sermon of pure rave music. Once again no one could have expected what he did, but that’s the point.