9 Ridiculous Partiboi69 B2B Green Screen Moments

Mar 13, 2023

Ana Monroy Yglesias

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If you know anything about Australian rave cowboy Partiboi69, you're aware of his outrageous antics behind the decks. He first started gaining a loyal fanbase thanks to his raunchy, outlandish viral music videos, YouTube DJ sets, and crude humor on social media. If you want to have a good laugh and get to know the persona of Pariboi69, look no further than the treasure trove of B2B sets live from his Stingzone on YouTube.

On his star-studded, awkward dance-move-filled YouTube B2B series, Partiboi69 serves up his green screen and video editing wizardry alongside banging beats. The intros are like bizarre low-budget movies all in themselves. As one YouTube viewer says, "The effort this guy puts into making his videos look absolutely terrible combined with superb mixing and tracklist is what made me click thumbs up."

Read on for 9 of his most outlandish green screen moments, and feel free to take yourself down his strangely specific rabbit hole of weirdness. Don't forget to use protection!

1. Partiboi69, Marcus L & Will Ferrell Rave Their Faces Off

At around the hour-and-23-minute mark of this B2B with Seoul's Marcus L, the flurry of psychedelic images behind them cuts to massive duplicates of their heads shaking and spinning rapidly. It's hard to avert your eyes, but if you blink, you might miss brief flashes of an equally large Will Ferrel playing the flute to the energetic Andy Farley and Simon Hill track "Never Too Late." K-Pop stars dance the track out, then Marcus and Partiboi close with an ethereal, mellower rave moment. Quite the ending, I'd say!

2. Obviously, Partiboi69 Is A Pirate

This introduction is so perfectly stupid and hilarious. As Partiboi69's smooth, unreleased banger "Your Touch" plays, a CGI pirate ship appears on screen. As we get a closer view, our trusted rave captain peers through binoculars, which are actually two empty paper towel rolls. Then the camera cuts to his view, and we see Ibizia-based Cici casually posing on a rock over the ocean as a mermaid with a pink tail. Parti pirate shouts her name, and then we're suddenly transported underwater, and the dynamic DJ pair splash out behind the decks.

It's not quite Oscar-worthy, but a memorable DJ entrance. I can't wait for this track to drop so I can listen to it on repeat as I travel to Ibiza to find wherever Cici and her cool rave mermaid friends live.

3. Héctor Oaks' Dance Moves Are The Dance Dance Revolution Of Partiboi69's Wet Dreams

I wasn't super into video games as a kid beyond classics like Super Smash Brothers, but I always dreamed of having my own Dance Dance Revolution set up at home to perfect my moves. In the intro to this all-vinyl B2B with Berlin-based, mullet-sporting Héctor Oaks, the "Get Stingy" producer presents an America's Got Talent-type skit. Channeling his best Simon Cowell, Partiboi is furiously disinterested in the dancers until Oaks walks through the door. He simply taps one foot in front of the other in an awkward two-step as DDR-style graphics flash around him, strangely winning the game and winning over the judge. The valiant winner is gifted a pair of 69-approved sports sunglasses.

When the camera brings us to the DJ decks, the screen flashes an enticing message: "Warning: Nothing can prepare you for what you are about to hear" as the smooth, soulful house bop "Nuthin Wrong" from Tyree beckons.

4. Welcome To Partiboi69's Wheels Of Steel!

Partiboi's intros are something else. This creation is his version of a game show, featuring footage of excited contestants and audience members from classics like The Price Is RightWheel Of Fortune, and a third show involving zany physical stunts. He introduces the show as Partiboi69's Wheels Of Steel, complete with a massive pair of CGI turntables featuring his face as slip mats. Special guest Tañ is welcomed by Partiboi, playing a slot machine that reveals her name. Not long after, two more versions of the pair dance on a racetrack behind them. How'd they do it?

Nite Fleit takes over the decks as the next "contestant" about 45 minutes in, announced by a Wheel Of Fortune screen revealing her name. Then, at an hour and 35 minutes, Partiboi spins the wheel of steel to introduce Skream, who closes the very entertaining and lit-sound-tracked game show out.

The YouTube description for this one says it all: "It's the game show that's not so much a game as it is a show, and what a hell of a show pony it will be." In case you were curious, according to Urban Dictionary, wheels of steel means turntables and "an online community for rail enthusiasts all over Australia." What is Partiboi railing on the internet?

5. The Magic School Van Goes Jersey Club

My favorite green screen moments of his are the most absurd. They're strangely fascinating because they're so damn weird and random. In the wonderfully hype Jersey club and Baltimore club set with UNIIQU3, a talented group of B-boys dance behind them with moves that match the banging beat quite well. Suddenly, inexplicably, The DJs are inside a van, but the proportions are totally off. And, at a closer glance, the van appears to be traveling down an intestine, vein, or vessel of some sort, ala "The Magic School Bus."

As medical-themed graphics of cells flash, our Jersey Club Queen starts twerking behind herself. Can we call this a twerkception? The dancers return as a club version of Rihanna's "Rude Boy" plays, with tiny versions of the B2B champs in the lower corners. Lit.

6. Comin' At Ya Like A Couple Bats Outta Hell

Okay, someone was really high when they were screwing around on Photoshop. For perhaps one of the weirdest of Partiboi's intros I've witnessed, we see a red, fiery, hellish landscape with bats buzzing around. Suddenly, there are tons of sideways Mell Gs and Partibois also flailing, err, flying, through hell. Alright. After the decks and duo appear on the screen, sexy(?) humanoid versions of My Little Pony wearing bikinis dance in formation behind them. I may have nightmares about this.

7. Tone Your Glutes In Just 69 Minutes!

About eight minutes into this B2B with house queen Sally C, Partiboi treats viewers to vintage workout videos, complete with neon spandex and windbreakers. The first clip is a low-impact class done in chairs (wait, should I be joining at my desk?), with a peppy teacher and participants that smile as they raise their arms over head and stomp their feet in place. (Okay, I tried the moves. That was fun.) Then we get footage of one of Partiboi's insane music videos where he pours massive bags of powder all over himself. I don't recommend trying that one at home. But don't worry, there are more vintage exercise clips, the next one featuring women in leotards doing bicep curls with household items in a chic home. They were 2020, way before the rest of us.

8. The Horse Magician Summons Miami Bass

Oh no, more bats! And another fantastic intro. Partiboi channels the magic of a giant fortune-telling orb—the bats just wanted a little magic too—to summon his special guest for the evening, MCR-T. He emerges from the orb, and the pair do exactly 69 low-fives before starting their set. And they are both dressed to slay, MCR-T in all-white coveralls with dark rimless sunglasses, Partiboi in a crop top with a horse on it, a fringed jacket, and a belt reading 69 on the buckle. The fits are perfect for the slammin' Miami bass.

9. When Riverdance Went Techno

For the debut edition of the Stingzone B2B series, with Irish hard house hero KETTAMA, we are presented with a masterclass of Partiboi's favorite green screen themes: horses, random psychedelic visuals, giant versions of the DJs dancing behind them, non sequitur pop culture references, and other people dancing. Here, we get Sims characters breaking it down hard to the heavy beats, and later, a row of Riverdancers in all black, high kicking to techno. Can KETTAMA make the club update of Riverdance a thing? Thanks!

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