Ida Engberg Inspires Change Through Activism

Sep 29, 2022

Harry Levin

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The idea of artists engaging in activism and supporting charitable causes is not a new one. They inherently have larger platforms than most individuals. Many feel it is their responsibility to raise awareness for what matters, and the celebrated techno DJ and producer Ida Engberg takes that responsibility seriously.

For many years, Engberg has been a beacon of hope to the discouraged public and a role model to those looking for ways to get involved through her efforts to help the environment.

There is not enough room in this piece to include a full list of her accomplishments and efforts in this regard, but here are a few that are particularly impressive.

Engberg is an ambassador for Music Against Animal Cruelty (MAAC), an organization co-founded by Art Department’s Jonny White that fights to maintain biodiversity around the world. They have worked on anti-poaching efforts for Rhinos in Africa, protected the Lion population in Kenya, and more.

Engberg is assisting another environmentalist in the dance space, Blond:ish, with her foundation Bye Bye Plastic which seeks to remove single-use plastics from the music industry through practical applications like Eco-Riders.

Engberg also joined the fight of Steven Donziger, the environmental lawyer who launched a campaign against the oil company, Chevron, to hold them accountable for their rainforest destruction. The campaign ended with Chevron paying a $9.5 billion settlement to indigenous people in Ecuador.

While Engberg thinks big when it comes to her role in fighting climate change, she doesn't stop short when it comes to her personal activites.

One of Engberg’s many talents is visual art, and her efforts to share this art, both in analog and digital forms, consider the health of the planet.

Like many artists, Engberg makes NFT’s, but hers are minted and sold on the FLOW blockchain which uses 1000x less power than other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

Also, she prints her work on paper made from hemp, agave, and bamboo and ships her pieces using sustainable packaging. Not to mention, the art itself contains images of animals and nature through the lens of conservation and awareness.

The concept of the activist/artist may not be new, but it does have to adapt to changing times. Ida Engberg has proven that she, her fellow artists, and everyone else can all do their part on both small and large scales to support the causes they care about.

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