How Ida Engberg Became A UN Ambassador

Sep 28, 2022

Harry Levin

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There are plenty of artists and celebrities out there fighting the good fight and supporting charities doing great work, but who among them can say they’re an Ambassador to the United Nations? One among them who can say that is the DJ and producer, Ida Engberg.

As talented as she is at making techno and spinning legendary clubs like Space Miami and Amsterdam’s Gashouder, she is putting just as much energy into her work saving the world.

For many years, Engberg has focused on combatting climate change and promoting environmental causes.

“We obviously live in times when a huge shift has to happen for humanity and all life on earth in order to have a chance to survive as a species. To me it’s the most important and beautiful movement to be part of. It gives life meaning to work for the greater good,” Engberg told Mixmag in December 2020.

Some of the initiatives she works with include Project ZeroMusic Against Animal CrueltySave the Paradise, and the Bye Bye Plastic Foundation.

With so much great work, Engberg was a natural choice to take her voice to the global scale through the United Nations.

One campaign Engberg has worked with closely is the Shaping Our Future campaign, during which she shared a powerful statement about the future of humanity vis a vis climate change.

“The air we breathe is becoming more and more toxic and the soil we grow our crops in is dying. All of this is due to human activities and political inactivity.” Engberg said. “All of this is because we put profit before life.”

Engberg inspires others because of her ability to create urgency for action while maintaining a sense of hope.

Looking at her social media profiles, there is a plethora of information for those looking to get involved all alongside Engberg’s authenticity, honesty, and fantastic music.

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