Kölsch Boosts Kevin de Vries’ 'Dance With Me'

Dec 17, 2022

Austin Miller

2 min read

2022 has been an incredible year for music. The full-force return of concerts and festivals has been marked by some extraordinary tracks. One of techno’s most universally acclaimed IDs this year was “Dance With Me” by Kevin de Vries.

The spring first saw the mysterious single catch the ear of crowds throughout Europe as artists like Solomun, Tale of Us, and Adam Beyer began injecting its spiraling hypnosis into every set. Spring turned to summer, and techno stages at every festival seemed to have a countdown clock to when we’d inevitably hear the unmistakable vocal sample once more. In September, fans everywhere rejoiced as the prolific tune and partnering remix dropped on Afterlife Records. Every great track needs an even better remix to keep sets fresh, and for “Dance With Me,” that remix came from Dutch tech titan Kölsch.

This track is dripping in mystique, with each piece of orchestration pulling listeners deeper into the pulsing abyss. Undulating synths provide both foundational strength and enchanting melodies. When the dynamic beats are in full effect, the compelling urge to move takes hold. By the time the telltale vocal calls, “Dance with me,” we’re more than happy to fully oblige. This rave-ready remix boosts the production, making it a melodic peak time roller ready to energize the masses.

Emotion-driven production has always been a calling card of Kölsch. This particular single, however, dives deeper into the more sensory aspects of techno and its culture. The ability to fully relinquish oneself to the kick of a drum, the swell of the synths, and the call to dance can sometimes prove evasive. But that release gets a little easier when you have a captain like Kölsch at the helm.

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