Ben Böhmer Begin Again Tour Official Afterparty event artwork

Ben Böhmer Begin Again Tour Official Afterparty

Apr 23, 202210 PM
Ben Böhmer Begin Again Tour Official Afterparty event artwork


German composer, producer, and DJ is renowned for his ability to translate the breadth of human emotion into peak dancefloor experiences. His music overflows with warm melodic grooves and brilliantly crafted synth riffs made for those moments when you completely lose yourself to the rhythm. After his much-anticipated live set at Brooklyn Steel, he takes it to Quantum for a rare intimate DJ set.

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Böhmer has become one of dance music's biggest breakthrough acts in recent memory largely because of his ability to connect with his audience through profoundly personal music. His 2019 debut album Breathing was written after his father tragically took his life in 2015. The album's brilliant opening track, "In Memoriam," is dedicated to his late father. Writing music helped him process the intense pain he felt after the tragic loss.

Shortly before the album's release, Böhmer was a struggling DJ in Leipzig and Berlin who taught piano lessons for a living. However, when one of his friends passed his music to Lane 8, his life began to transform. Eventually, that music made its way to Anjunadeep, and Böhmer was finally in the position to devote all his time to his music.

His second album, Begin Again, was primarily produced during lockdown over eight months when he was separated from his girlfriend. 

"My fiancé and I became separated on other sides of the world due to the global travel ban," he told Mixmag in 2021. "We didn't see each other for eight months and I wrote the entire album during this period of huge uncertainty. The emotions that we both went through are woven throughout the songwriting in the album."


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