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Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds & Guests

Apr 19, 202410 PM
United States
The Chocolate Factory

Brooklyn, New York



Amidst the vibrant energy of New York City, a unique musical odyssey awaits at The Chocolate Factory, where the illustrious duo of Mikey Lion and Lee Reynolds are set to weave their musical magic. This show will showcase the heart of house and techno, curated by two pioneers who have left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. Their return to New York is a testament to their profound connection with the city's rhythm and its inhabitants, promising a night of deep, immersive soundscapes.

Mikey Lion, the desert harlequin turned soul conductor, stands at the helm of the Desert Hearts movement, bringing with him an arsenal of beats that span the tribal to the psychedelic. His musical odyssey began in the underground hip-hop scenes and was transformed under the desert stars, where electronic beats melded with his soul. Known for songs like “Glide” and “When I’m With You”, his tracks consistently radiate energy, compelling you to get up and dance. Mikey's performances go beyond ordinary sets, transforming into energetic rituals that bring the audience together, sharing the heartbeat of music.

Lee Reynolds, an electronic music sage, infuses the decks with his unique mix of ambient and psychedelic tunes. His musical journey, rooted in the early rave culture of the UK and flourishing under the California sun, showcases a path of constant evolution and spiritual discovery. Among his standout tracks, "Moon Matrix" and "Puma Punku" exemplify his ability to transform any set into a deeply immersive experience. These tracks, characterized by their vibrant energy and transcendent vibes, ensure that his performances are not just listened to but deeply felt.

At The Chocolate Factory, attendees will find themselves enveloped in an atmosphere that transcends the typical club experience. This venue, known for its intimate vibe and exceptional acoustics, will serve as the perfect backdrop for Mikey and Lee's musical exploration. It's an opportunity for New York's electronic music aficionados to come together, celebrating the return of two artists who have become symbols of innovation and unity within the global dance music community.

As the night unfolds, the synergy between Mikey Lion and Lee Reynolds will illuminate the dance floor, guiding the crowd through a spectrum of emotions and beats. This event is a beacon for those who seek not just to listen to music, but to experience it, to live it. With each track, with every drop, the duo promises to deliver an unforgettable night of rhythm, melody, and soul.

Prepare to be part of a gathering that's more than a concert—it's a celebration of the enduring spirit of house and techno, brought to life by two of its most passionate emissaries. The Chocolate Factory is set to become a nexus of musical innovation, where the only expectation is the unexpected, and the only rule is to let the music guide you.

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The Chocolate Factory

70 Scott Ave

Brooklyn, New York

United States

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