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Music On with Wade and Chelina Manuhutu

Oct 6, 202311:59 PM
Pacha Ibiza

Eivissa, Spain


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Sep 28, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

3 min read

Friday nights on the White Isle have become synonymous with one name, one venue, and one party: Marco Carola. Music On. Pacha Ibiza.

As the summer season draws to a close, the penultimate party on October 6 promises to be nothing short of legendary.

Crafted in the image of its creator, Music On has solidified its place as the Friday night mainstay, branding the evening as its very own.

With a fanbase that's arguably larger and more dedicated than any other, it's no surprise that Music On stands as a strong contender for the most popular underground night on the island.

And while the party attracts an international crowd, the loyal Italian brigade always shows up in full force for Signor Carola. After all, he's the undisputed don of the techno scene.

Carola's musical evolution over the years is evident. While he's been leaning more into Tech and vocal House recently, his signature sound remains as undeniable as ever.

This Friday, he's set to take center stage, ensuring the dance floor remains packed and energized from midnight to the early hours of the morning.

Joining Carola on this special night are two phenomenal talents: Wade and Chelina Manuhutu. Together, this trio promises a night filled with hard-hitting house and techno, ensuring that Pacha's iconic red cherries will witness some serious dance floor action.

Given that this is the penultimate party of the season, it's bound to be an unforgettable night. As any seasoned Music On attendee will tell you, the magic truly happens in the final hours.

So, are you ready to dance under those iconic cherries, lose yourself to the underground sounds, and be part of an Ibiza legacy?

Remember, it's not just about showing up; it's about being part of the Music On movement.

See you there, and don't even think about leaving early. The magic is in the last dance.

The lineup:

Marco Carola, often dubbed the "Global Techno Ambassador," comes from Napoli, Italy, and has been a pivotal figure in the evolution of the electronic music scene since the early 90s.

With over two decades of experience, Carola has not only established himself as a revered DJ and producer but also as a successful label head, spearheading multiple imprints and releasing critically acclaimed albums.

Beyond his undeniable influence in the techno genre, Carola is known for his energetic three-deck mixing style, his dedication to the craft, and his ability to create unforgettable experiences for audiences worldwide.

Tech-house DJ Wade grew up in a small Spanish town yet has played all over the world, from Australia to Argentina.

Behind the decks, he’s a force to be reckoned with, full of energy and passing that on to any crowd he plays in front of. In the studio, Wade has worked on tracks with David Guetta, Joel Corry, Solardo, and Cloonee to name a few.

Dutch DJ and producer Chelina Manuhutu kicked off her career in 2011 and since has moved to Ibiza to fully embrace her connection to her craft. Her tech house selections, as well as her own productions, will keep you dancing all night long!

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