ARTBAT, Argy, and Zafrir Link Up On Mystifying 'Tibet'

Dec 2, 2022

Austin Miller

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ARTBAT's new label UPPERGROUND continues a hot streak with its latest offering.

ARTBAT emerged in 2015 when Artur and Batish, two experienced DJs and producers, decided to join forces and unify sounds. The Ukrainian pair soon played sets in the dance music hub of Ibiza, captivating audiences with their immersive melodic house and techno proclivities. ARTBAT’s overwhelming presence and contributions to dance music culminated in last year’s launch of their record label, UPPERGROUND.

UPPERGROUND’s latest release, “Tibet” by ARTBAT themselves, features Afterlife’s Argy, and Israeli composer and multi-instrumentalist Zafrir. They say two heads are better than one. In this case, four is just unfair. ARTBAT and Argy go to work concocting an abundantly dynamic foundation rich with glistening synths and roaring rhythms. Zafrir provides the ethnic twist that sets this tune apart, tapping into his well of ornate musical knowledge. This track is coursing with immortal power punctuated by layers as deep as the canyons and crevasses strewn about its namesake’s spectacular mountain ranges.

ARTBAT’s recruitment of Argy and Zafrir was crucial for the final product. Argy has thrived in the underground for almost a decade, but a sound as invigorating as his can only be contained for so long. His breakout singles, “Ketuvim” and “Tataki,” have now raised his deep-rooted brand of dance music to a new level of global demand.

Zafrir, a lifelong student of music, evolved his curiosity for traditional ethnic music from around the world into a unique electronic music experience hailed by artists like Armin van Buren, Alok, and Afrojack. His DJ sets, intermingled with a slew of traditional organic live instrumentation, are a remarkable spectacle to behold.

This new single from UPPERGROUND follows the release of the highly anticipated Ibiza ID, “Its Ours” by ARTBAT, Idris Elba, and David Guetta. The collaborating artists held a summer 2022 residency at the renowned club Hï Ibiza.

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