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Richie Hawtin is a British-born, Canadian-raised producer, DJ, music executive, and innovator. Touted as “one of the electronic dance world’s intellectual forces” by New York Times, Hawtin’s minimal, yet highly danceable techno sound and conceptual innovation as a performing artist puts him at the forefront of dance music globally. Though raised in Ontario, his unique techno sound is regarded as synonymous with Detroit’s electronic music scene.

Hawtin is a highly-decorated artist, winning Best Techno DJ at the DJ Awards in 2002, 2006, and 2008, with many other nominations and awards spanning over a decade. His alias Plastikman has also seen much acclaim and is the name he releases the majority of his music under, with seven albums and two compilations to date.

His critical acclaim goes well beyond the music scene; he collaborates and has seen support from countless influential figures in fine art and technology. One the most significant being Raf Simons, who called him the “Kraftwerk of today” and booked him for a special performance at the Guggenheim, New York’s iconic art museum. Other experimental crossovers include his collaboration with award-winning British Indian artist Sir Anish Kapoor on their Grand Palais turned art rave, as well as his soundtrack for the 2006 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, amongst many more. Further, he continuously collaborates with his younger brother and established graphic artist, Matthew Hawtin, with past notable exhibits at Art Basel/Art Miami and more.

Beyond his art, Hawtin is the label head behind Plus8 and MINUS Records. Through these ventures, he nurtures some of the hottest underground and emerging talent, from Speedy J in the 90s to Gaiser in the 2010s. With Plus8 co-founder, John Acquaviva, Hawtin co-founded the dance music hub Beatport in 2004.

He’s also committed to education, both educating burgeoning musicians and learning new things himself. He’s lectured at many colleges, provoking ideas and practices for young musicians. In 2015, he received an Honorary Doctorate of The University of Huddersfield for Outstanding Contribution to the world of Music-Technology.

Hawtin has performed around the world for decades, starting in Ontario, moving to New York, then transitioning to Berlin before setting off across the globe. He’s held residencies and performed in Ibiza at clubs like Vath and Space, where he shared his incredible ENTER. experience. ENTER. expanded to other places like Amsterdam, Madrid, Mexico, London, and Japan. He’s also performed at many of the world’s largest festivals, such as Ultra, Coachella, and Parookaville, with plans to hit ARC, CRSSD, Drumcode, and more this year.

Intertwining his auditory art with different mediums and experiences, Hawtin has accomplished the unseen and unheard, solidifying his title as an influential tastemaker and innovator.


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