Blue: Shimza, Spencer Brown, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Wakyin + MORE event artwork

Blue: Shimza, Spencer Brown, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Wakyin + MORE

Sep 1, 20242 PM
United States
Under The K Bridge

Brooklyn, New York



This Labor Day weekend, experience over 10 hours on the breathtaking Creekside waterfront stage Under the K Bridge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This open-air festival is part of Gray Area’s BLUE series, a concept we launched 18 months ago to produce en plein air shows that transcend musical genre boundaries with unique lineups. This meticulously curated edition aims to deliver a festival-like experience with a clear purpose.

Our mission is to unite different micro-tribes and dancers, intertwining various styles of house music and talent to create an energetic atmosphere on the dance floor.

We chose this incredible open-air waterfront location in the heart of Brooklyn for our biggest BLUE show yet because it offers a raw, remote, and ravey feel where we all can let loose and dance like no one is watching, melting into the music, with no worries and the world on pause. Time ceases to exist.

After a series of sold-out performances in New York, the Afro-tech sensation SHIMZA makes his triumphant return to Brooklyn for what promises to be one of Gray Area's most monumental BLUE editions yet, set against the iconic open-air backdrop Under The K Bridge on September 1st!!

Known in the industry as the "Effect Master" and "Vinyl Assassin," Ashley Raphala, aka Shimza, stands as a shining star in the global afro house scene. As the founder of his very own Kunye Records (meaning ‘together’ in Xhosa/Zulu), Shimza isn't just a musical phenomenon; he's an artist celebrated for his philanthropic endeavors and initiatives across South Africa, championing the local music scene in all his endeavors.

Shimza's passion for DJing sprouted from the music-saturated environment of his upbringing. Music was a constant presence at home, further fueled by the influence of South Africa's youth radio station Y-FM, which debuted in 1997 and molded his musical palette, sparking his determination to delve into the art of DJing.

Despite the challenges of mastering the craft initially, Shimza has risen as a prominent figure in South Africa's musical panorama, doubling as a historian of his nation's soundscape. Just take a glance at his groundbreaking live stream music set from Robben Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in 2020. It's a gig unmatched by any other DJ, etched into our collective memory for eternity.

We're also thrilled to announce that American DJ and producer Spencer Brown will be joining the party!

A Burning Man regular with a drumming background in jazz, funk, and metal, Spencer began DJing at a young age and quickly made waves in the music scene. At just 18, he opened for Avicii at the Hollywood Bowl and released his debut EP on Avicii's LE7ELS label.

His first album, Illusion of Perfection, came out in 2018, and his track "Windows 95 on Acid" topped Beatport's techno charts. Brown's ability to cross genres has garnered support from legends like Above & Beyond, deadmau5, Paco Osuna, and Marco Carola.

As a former Duke University student who spent his college years juggling touring with Avicii and studying, Spencer is one of a kind. When he’s not touring the world, he's releasing progressive house and techno bombs on his record label Diviine.

Joining the one-of-a-kind party is Wakyin. The Puerto Rican and Dominican rooted artist made his New York debut with us back in March, and now he’s returning for Round 2. You might know him from his famous track “Beso (Fruta Fresca),” which recently surpassed 25 million streams on Spotify.

Having just come off a tour with Gordo, playing in his hometown of Orlando at The Vanguard and at Jolene Soundroom in Miami, Wakyin has been experiencing an incredible rise in the house music scene, and we are all here for it!

Desert Hearts boss man Mikey Lion is ready to throw down Under the K Bridge with us. Most known for his beloved record label and event series, Desert Hearts, the San-Diego native brings with him an arsenal of beats that span the tribal to the psychedelic.

Another family member of the Desert Hearts crew joining the fun is Lee Reynolds! His journey, rooted in the UK rave culture and flourishing in California, showcases constant evolution and his standout tracks like "Moon Matrix" and "Puma Punku" transform any set into a unique party.

Earth Signs, which is composed of the iconic shuffle queen Elena Cruz and Adam Friedman, are bringing their exciting dynamic to the decks, as well as Brooklyn-based redhead queen of Puerto Rican descent, Luna Mar! Another sweet addition to the party is Robidio, who has spun with us at the Knockdown Center for the memorable Desert Hearts party!

Our upcoming gathering unfolds at the cutting-edge K Bridge Park, a dynamic 7-acre urban haven situated beneath the Kosciuszko Bridge in Brooklyn, New York. Renowned for its ingenious transformation from an overlooked space into a lively public destination, this park seamlessly resonates with our values. Boasting a blend of recreational, cultural, and ecological features, including a lush canopy of over 20,000 trees and indigenous flora, it stands as a distinctive setting that echoes our dedication to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Under The K Bridge

This event promises an opportunity to immerse yourself in an unforgettable trance of afro house beats, curated from Shimza's journey collaborating with emerging artists from his homeland. Anticipate an electric ambiance and an enthusiastic crowd, all eager to catch a glimpse of the burgeoning superstar fresh off his 2024 world tour.

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Under The K Bridge

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Brooklyn, New York

United States

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