elrow Nomads: NYC Residency Begins event artwork

elrow Nomads: NYC Residency Begins

Apr 21, 201810 PM
elrow Nomads: NYC Residency Begins event artwork


The craziest party in the world is BACK in NEW YORK on April 21st! We're bringing our infamous Nomads, New World party to Avant Gardner! 🐉🌠 Today’s a drag, so you ask your blue cat to open the star gate it keeps in it's little magic pocket to check out if the past has anything cool to see... You turn it on but as usual you touch something you shouldn’t and cause a rip in the fabric of space and time that shoots you into a new world where stone-age cave dwellers, medieval dudes, Bedouins, Egyptians and even two-metre high blue space people all get mixed up into one wild never-ending party. Find the star gate, open it up and time travel your way to a parallel world of the past, present, and future all while being in the middle of Brooklyn!


140 Stewart Ave

Brooklyn, New York

United States

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