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Pachanga Boys & Guests

May 10, 202410 PM
United States

New York, New York



The offbeat and elusive Pachanga Boys are the mysterious DJ duo you can feel and hear, but often cannot see. Adopting a lay-low social media approach, dispersed releases and pop-up performances at festivals like Burning Man, Superpitcher (Germany) and Rebolledo (Mexico) together make up the dynamic duo, and are the heads behind the quirky Hippie Dance label.

Two jewels of electro, the melancholic Superpitcher and the extravagant Rebolledo, both have one aim - to make the world a better place through joyous dance music. After meeting at a party in Mexico and instantly clicking, they decided to take their budding friendship into the studio.

Together Superpitcher and Rebolledo have cultivated a likeness for the unusual, with their off-the-grid sounds inspired by everything from disco, funk and Latin, to old country music. The duo balance their individual cultural flavors in their productions, to make dance floor-worthy, heart-felt tracks.

After founding Hippie Dance in 2011, it has become a home to the pair's sonic outputs, as well as other like-minded soundmakers that they encountered on the lonesome yet crowded path of life. It is here that they dropped their 2019 15-minute long ‘Time’ sensation, which has been a firm favorite amongst the world’s leading DJs including Damian Lazarus and Lee Burridge, as well as their defining 2012 ‘We Are Really Sorry’ album.

To catch a glimpse into what these artists are all about, take a look at this album's accompanying DVD, inspired by the Pachanga's day-to-day life. Together with the masterfully-staged music, 'We Are Really Sorry' gives you first-hand impressions of the Pachanga Boys' everyday life spent between Cologne and La Pitaya from 2009 to 2012 -- from old machines, a wide range of percussion, vocals and field recordings, this defining album depicts the true Hippie Dance ethos: freedom before anything and everything.

The Pachanga Boys project has become an exclusive and special experience that is now mainly subjected to DJ all nighters, that take place in unique settings that can spark the Pachanga magic, as well as distinctive releases. They often split up and release individually but we are patiently holding out for their next release as a collective, as the demand for these underground superstars really is hotter than ever!

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