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Two Lanes w. Luzi Tudor & Guests

May 3, 20244 PM
United States
Superior Ingredients Roof

Brooklyn, New York


An invitation to lose yourself in the ethereal with TWO LANES on The Roof of Superior Ingredients on May 3rd. Berlin-based siblings Leo and Rafa Schmid have emerged in recent years as pioneers of a new wave of electronic music. The duo have found a loyal audience in their native Germany and beyond, with their emotive downtempo take on electronica. Transcending any era of music, the blood-bound dyad have become famed for their timeless productions that will have you soul-searching beyond the introspect.

Born into an artistic musical family, the pair may be a duo, but have very different approaches and preferences to sound. Whilst Leo had dreams to become a classical pianist, studying music both in Germany and New York, Rafa was more immersed in electronic music, DJing, and music production. Now, they’ve seamlessly blended their individual tastes and talents together under one realm. A realm that perfectly complements one another’s sonic niches.

Artists such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Bonobo, Moderat, and andhim are a few of the names TWO LANES credit as inspirations when they first started out, with elements of these found in many of their bodies of work.

Their latest release and breathtaking album ‘Duality’ released via their own label last year, is a testament to their exceptional talent of intricate composition and evocative emotion. The album follows in their 2021 album ‘Reflections’ footsteps, and will take you on a journey through a progressive outer body towards a transcendent inner.

In the vast landscape of electronic music, there are hidden gems that deserve our attention, and it seems that TWO LANES have accumulated a fanbase like no other, with radio support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Sirius XM, Triple J, and a whopping over 2 million +monthly listeners on Spotify. Now that’s a figure!

We're thrilled to announce the return of Luzi Tudor to the limelight. Hailing from Romania, Luzi has carved a remarkable path touring across North America under the prestigious banner of This Never Happened.

With music launched on Lane 8's esteemed label, her personal brand Intentional, and sharing stages as direct support for icons like Emanuel Satie, Denis Horvat, Tinlicker, Luzi's journey is just beginning to unfold.

From Lane 8 to Two Lanes, Luzi is driving her career down the fast lane, making every turn her own track to victory.

Playing right before Ms. Tudor is Sen Sanik, formerly known as REŸES. Having played at Burning Man last year, as well as in Bali and the stunning locales of Tulum, Sen Sanik's music captures the celestial vibe of these destinations.

Joining this ethereal party is a special back-to-back. Woke Brian, originally from Coney Island, curates his sets influenced by his extensive experience as a raver and the diverse atmosphere of his city. His music selections favor uplifting and progressive dance tracks over mainstream club hits. Fitting for an event like such!

Hymn, a DJ and producer from Casablanca, Morocco, merges traditional and modern musical elements in his performances, creating a cultural fusion that invites audiences into a journey of musical exploration and connection. Together, Hymn and Woke Brian blend smooth synths with rhythmic percussion to produce an evocative, cinematic sound in their sets.


Superior Ingredients Roof

74 Wythe Ave

Brooklyn, New York

United States

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