Franky Wah Launches Terracotta Records With Anthemic Dance Track, 'Under The Sun'

May 6, 2022

Austin Miller

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Heading a record label has become a necessary part of the evolution of a dance music producer. Franky Wah—aka Luke Storrs—has more than hit his stride in 2022 as he adds yet another label project to his resume with the launch of his second imprint Terracotta Records. The debut release is a soul-soaring new single, “Under The Sun,” featuring electro up-and-comers AR/CO.

Whirring synths purr beneath a steady kick like a loaded engine waiting for someone to punch the gas—cue AR/CO. A full choir of swelling vocals emerges to call forth a vibe that radiates sunset dance party while rapid-fire plucks glisten above a relentless low end like the infinite stars in the endless black of a summer night sky. When the songwriting carries this much passion and the production emits this much power, it’s only a matter of time until we hear this sweet single played on main stages the world over.

“Ever since I began playing this record out in my live sets it always brings the dancefloor to a standstill,” Franky says. “It’s always stood out for me and instantly when producing it, I knew exactly where it needed to go. I spoke in depth with AR/CO about the vocal until we were all happy and after that everything else just fell into place. AR/CO were an absolute pleasure to work with on this release and I cannot wait for it to soundtrack everyone’s summer.”

Terracotta Records and “Under The Sun” mark a massive milestone in his career. Terracotta emerged intending to house the more forward-facing, accessible sounds of Franky (and friends) catalog. While this venture aims for a slightly more mainstream approach, Franky’s first label, SHÈN, launched in early April, will push deeper, underground-focused themes.

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