Partiboi69: Back on the Road NY Tour Show event artwork

Partiboi69: Back on the Road NY Tour Show

Apr 28, 202310 PM
Partiboi69: Back on the Road NY Tour Show event artwork


If you're not having fun while raving, what's the point? Australia's madman of the rave, Partiboi69, doesn't take much seriously except for the job of party commander. He serves up a wild, high energy, high BPM dose of techno, ghetto tech, electro, and '90s rave heaters backed by his wacky green screen visuals, dance moves, and facial expressions. There's a reason his viral fame has only continued to grow; the energy he brings to his absurd internet antics and livestreams are matched and leveled up in his IRL DJ sets.

After an epic debut in 2022 at Quantum in Brooklyn, Partiboi69 returns to New York, this time in The Room at Brooklyn's beloved Superior Ingredients. Gray Area is thrilled to host our favorite outrageous Aussie again, and we can guarantee that you'll have a good time with him behind the decks.

Partiboi69 - No Place Like Home (Offical Video)

2022 was a massive year for Partiboi69's massive personality, which saw him bring his outback porn star aesthetic and banging beats to beloved global dance festivals like Movement, Sónar, Melt, We Love Green Festival and more. He was an in-demand rager captain at clubs worldwide, including London's fabric, Berlin's Berghain, Ibiza's Amnesia, Detroit's Magic Stick, Barcelona's Nitsa, and Frankfurt's Robert Johnson.

His world domination continues in 2023, stopping stateside in Brooklyn at the end of April and then 69-ing his way across the U.S.A. to takeoff once again in Southern California at Desert Hearts Festival. His artist bio reads: "Partiboi69's only objective is to spread digital love and deliver lethal 69 techniques live and direct to your senses." New York life can be a grind, so perhaps all you need to get some much need decompression is "digital love and deliver lethal 69 techniques."

The Australian dance scene is rich and ever-creative, and Partiboi is a result of and exemplar of that expressive, free, and upbeat outback energy. He came onto the scene as Stingray in 2016 and began building a buzz in the Aussie underground scene and online with his off-the-wall YouTube channel, which currently has 193,000 subscribers. In 2018, Partiboi69 was born, along with his '80s porn star meets dad meets hilarious guy at the afterparty aesthetic.

Partiboi69 Beyond The Valley and Field Day Recap

Unprotected Records is the home for his wacky musical experimentations, unfiltered and 100 percent 69. Like the rest of his catalog, his Unprotected releases are eclectic, fun, and high energy, including "Booty Flow," "Always Keep It 69," "Ketamine Dreams," and "Nissan Skyline." He also runs Mutual Pleasure Records, where he releases tracks from other rave purveyors and collabs like "Freq U All Nite" with Kettama and "K On My D + C" with Juicy Romance.

At one point in every raver's life, they should have to ask, "Will Partiboi69 tear off his pants?" "Will there be sexy visuals at the party?" "Will I ever stop laughing?" See you at The Room at Superior Ingredients on April 28.

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