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Oct 8, 202210 PM

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Partiboi69 event artwork


Outrageous Australian DJ, producer, and meme icon Partiboi69 is making his New York debut in Brooklyn at Quantum. If his absurdist online persona is any indication, it will be nothing short of a good time. His larger-than-life aesthetic and Detroit-style ghetto house beats will have the dance floor poppin' into the early morning hours.

Fitted with his vintage tracksuits, askew shades, and gleaming white New Balance, Partiboi's mean dad style has been an internet staple for years. His less than wholesome YouTube channel (boasting a staggering three million viewers) is ripe with videos that show off his hilarious pairing of visuals that give you the feeling of taking ketamine in a 1980 Dodge Lancer and lyrics dominated by drugs and sexual exploits. It genuinely doesn't get any more underground and DIY than Partiboi69.

Partiboi69 at Intercell Outdoor: Heat Is On 2022

And while his hysterical camp meets delightfully morally bankrupt content has created an image that makes us question exactly who the man behind the shades is, his music speaks for itself. Taking notes from icons of Ghetto tech like DJ Godfather (who has hopped on remix duties for Partiboi) and DJ Assault, he's bringing a historically relevant musical style to the forefront of dance music.

His heavy punching kicks, 808-laced breakbeats, and raunchy lyrics you would never repeat to your mother are hallmarks of his upfront underground style. Yes, titles like "Always Keep It 69," "Can I Vape In Here?" and "Booty Flow" only further his absurdist persona. However, the raw energy he brings to a dancefloor is perfect fodder for a sweaty night of grinding right in front of the speakers.

Partiboi's URL fame is quickly turning into IRL fame as he strikes out on an international dance floor destroying rampage. His massive personality and high-octane beats are built for the big stages of festivals like Boomtown, Sonar, Melt, Movement, and Ava. Yet his growing list of inside industry supporters has also ensured that he keeps it club-ready with sets at Berghain in Berlin, Disco Pussy in Las Vegas, and for Skream's Skreamizm at Amnesia Ibiza.

Partiboi69's debut in New York at Quantum may be the last chance you get to experience the flamboyant hilarity of his performances in an intimate setting. His fast rise on the international party circuit means he will soon be playing the biggest stages in the States. So be sure you are in the building and throwing ass.

With our DEBUT event series, PartiBoi69 is one of many artists who we aim to connect with new fans on the dance floor globally.

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