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Walker & Royce [Open-Air] with Life on Planets

Aug 4, 20242 PM
United States
Superior Ingredients Roof

Brooklyn, New York



We’re excited to welcome Walker & Royce to the Roof of Superior Ingredients this summer on August 4th! Walker & Royce, composed of Sam Walker and Gavin Royce, are an acclaimed house music duo from New York. They have been a buzzing name in the dance music scene for over a decade, known for their bouncy house tracks and groovy live performances. Their journey began as interns in New York City, eventually leading them to become respected names in dance music.

Walker & Royce are known for their impressive collaborations, working with notable artists such as Chris Lorenzo on a remix of Idris Muhammad’s "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This." Their versatility is evident in their collaborations with Diplo, Channel Tres, Mindchatter, and Aluna, showcasing their ability to blend different sounds and styles. Their EP "Just What The World Needs" features successful tracks with VNSSA and Mindchatter, highlighting their evolving collaboration process and talent for creating music we obsess over.

Walker & Royce are also known for their epic live performances, having played at esteemed venues such as Discopussy in Las Vegas, Elsewhere in NYC, Sound in LA, and Space in Miami. Their international presence includes performances at legendary spots in Europe, including Ministry Of Sound and Fabric.

Their major breakthrough came in 2014 with the track "Sister," which was dubbed an Essential New Tune by BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong. This track set the stage for their rise in the music world. Their remix of SAARID’s "Future Lately" further cemented their reputation, catching the attention of Damian Lazarus of Crosstown Rebels and leading to the release of their EP "You’re Not Welcome."

Their discography includes their debut album "Self-Help," which featured the hit track "Can You Pass That?" and their sophomore album "No Big Deal," released on Dirtybird Records. This album features collaborations with artists like Harm Franklin, VNSSA, and Reggie Watts, further showcasing their unique sound and production skills.

In addition to their music, Walker & Royce have made a significant impact through their record label, Rules Don’t Apply (RDA). The label emphasizes creative freedom and supports a diverse range of house music artists. You can expect anything from this label as they strive to put out any sound that is overall a bop.

Their philosophy prioritizes taking risks and experimenting with new sounds while maintaining their signature deep-house style. This approach has continued to inspire both fans and fellow musicians, making Walker & Royce standout figures in the house music scene.

Joining the house music stars is Phill Celeste, the creative force behind Life on Planets, who hails from Baltimore. His journey began in the underground warehouses of his hometown, where he started producing. Through collaborations with Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap, Double Standard, Sub Urban Records, and Crew Love, his music reached wider audiences.

His rise has also led him to play at some of the most exciting festivals and shows, including Skyline LA, Rumors Ibiza, Desert Hearts, Boiler Room, El Valle Festival in Italy, and many more!

From Baltimore's streets to stages on Caribbean islands, dark cavernous clubs, cities draped in night, and beachside festivals drenched in golden rays, Phill's diverse sound has been shaped by artists, tribes, and dancers in every venue.

The Roof of Superior Ingredients during the summertime is already high-vibrational, with its open rooftop, tables, disco balls, and the magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. What makes it even better? House music tastemakers who dominate and deliver top-tier house music.

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Superior Ingredients Roof

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