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Debut: Massano First New York Performance

May 13, 202310 PM


Experience the electrifying energy of Massano, the melodic techno DJ and producer who, in a short time, has left a lasting impact on the nightlife scene. We're excited to host the New York Debut of this singular talent at Superior Ingredients on May 13th.

Massano has garnered widespread recognition through his two powerful releases on Running Clouds, “Velocità” and “The Feeling,” with support from iconic DJs around the globe. Having established himself as a rising artist, Massano’s soul-penetrating sound, which spellbinds every corner of your ears, has earned recognition from the leading melodic techno labels, Afterlife and Oddity. If you thought his rapid success ended there, think again.

Massano’s track “In My System” broke through chart ranking numbers and sat pretty in the number one spot on the Beatport releases chart. He then followed this success with “Drown,” which landed in the top 10 of all genres, and all four of his tracks made waves in the top five of the melodic house and techno charts.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Massano expanded his reach by releasing music on prominent imprints such as AtlantEleatics, and his label, Eternity Sounds. He continues to receive support from renowned DJs like Tale Of UsMind AgainstMathameCamelphat, and more. It is safe to say this man is a lethal weapon in the world of melodic techno.

Massano’s clear vision to create a distinctive sound and make a mark in the music industry is motivated by originality and a taste of something fresh. His track “Odyssey,” featured on his In My System EP released through Tale of Us’ genre-defining Afterlife, is a harmonious combination of ferocity and beauty. It blends divergent emotions into a stunning masterpiece, leaving you hitting the repeat button.

Joining Massano for his New York Headline Debut is Afterlife label mate David Lindmer. The London-born, New York-based DJ and producer is also the co-founder of Chromia Sounds, a collective he created alongside Massano and Un:said that brings together musicians and visual artists specializing in events, NFT, and immersive audio.

We've also secured Brooklyn duo Amiti to set the tone for a fabulous night of soaring melodics and deep thumping beats. David Soto and Mateo Restrepo came together in 2016 to create a musical partnership celebrating their friendship, Colombian heritage, and love for melodic techno. Both budding event producers have also become fiercely embedded in the production game releasing Beatport charters that Kevin de Vries, Soel, Undercatt, øostil, and Fideles have supported.

Immerse yourself into "The Feeling" with your friends and loved ones, and allow Massano, David Lindmer, and Amiti to take the wheel and spark that sense of connection and transcendence we all yearn for.


The Room at Superior Ingredients

74 Wythe Ave

Brooklyn, New York

United States

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