11 Rising Black Artists Changing the Face of House Music

Feb 7, 2023

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We are fortunate to live in a time where influential artists are making an indelible impact on the music industry and bringing their unique flavors and energy to every genre. As we enter Black History Month, we are celebrating and recognizing the success of Black individuals in the music industry and recognize the efforts of those who have become an engine for innovation. From their pioneering production talents to live performances that construct our 'lost in the sauce' experiences, these artists are breaking barriers and serving as inspiration for the next generation of Black musicians and the industry.

Listed below are 11 Black artists you should keep your eyes and ears out. These unique and compelling voices are rapidly rolling the tides of dance music and reclaiming their roots.

1. Mason Collective

Mason Collective comprises the killer trifecta Blair Suarez, Adam Myles, and Omar Guedar. Representing one of the motherlands of tech-house, the Manchester music-making entities are feeding fans with their innovative and funky sparse sounds. "MVSON" is a brand they've shaped around a specific taste in vogue and party ethics, which has become a hot commodity in the underground warehouse world. Moreover, the fashion mavens recently launched their record label Whippin, a home for quality beats.

2. Shermanology

Stemming from a family enriched with a noteworthy (and historic) musical background, brother and sister duo Andy and Dorothy Sherman, aka Shermanology, have become prominent faces in the industry. They provide their acoustics to the space by blending groovy tech-house beats with their spicy Dutch-Caribbean lineage. Experiencing a live performance by the two is a treat, not just because of their catchy tunes that are impossible not to sing along to but also due to their radiant stage presence and powerful crowd control.

3. Black Fancy

Black Fancy, born in Parma, Italy, is poised to be the future of dance music. As an underground producer, his tech and deep house work showcase an impressive range of diversity in each of his tracks. His releases consistently display pure class, from elevating reworks to stripped-back beats complemented by catchy and soulful vocals. Black Fancy's music has earned recognition from well-known artists such as Franky RizardoThe Martinez BrothersMarco Carola, and many more.


Emerging artist Adriane Jackson, better known as MADVILLA, is on the path to becoming a major player in the dance music world with his focused, experimental, and persistent approach to producing home runners. Based in the UK, this deep tech and minimal house producer has received critical acclaim for his releases on esteemed labels such as Locus, PetsNo Art, and Heavy House Society. He has also received support from renowned DJs and producers, including Enzo SiragusaSidney CharlesSeb ZitoKenny Dope, Todd Edwards, and East End Dubs.

5. HoneyLuv

A lady of pure influence on the generation and an absolute trailblazer, Taylor Character, aka HoneyLuv, is a remarkable community leader. Widely known for pumping out roaring tech house hits that feature contagious melodies, fresh vocals, and sexy synths. She's made light work of establishing her mark in an incredibly short period, establishing herself as a top gun in the music industry with her impactful and boundary-pushing productions.

6. Austin Millz

Harlem-born Austin Millz is a standout example of using social media to your benefit. He joyously infuses uplifting house with hip-hop and R&B for a future-forward brand of funk. Scrolling through his Instagram and Tik Tok is a rabbit hole of pure wizardry. He has an innate ability to make you feel like you're standing right next to him, vibing out as he smashes those effect pedals and overlooks a skyline. His expressive vibe is unmatched, and his sound is so hard not to bop your head to. It's no wonder his following is through the roof.

7. Channel Tres

Sheldon Young, better known as Channel Tres, is a rising talent from Compton, California, who cooks up the heat using a tasteful dollop of the following ingredients: house, disco, techno, funk, rap, and hip-hop. At one point, Mr. Tres was a buried treasure. However, his releases "Controller," "Topdown," and "Weedman" propelled him into the spotlight and secured his place in the public's consciousness. And his energetic live shows only helped confirm that he is a singular talent. He refrains from limiting himself to a single genre, a quality trait we appreciate in artists.

8. Jayda G

A London-based environmental toxicologist, environmental management professional, producer, and DJ, Jayda G ticks all the boxes for a well-rounded and talented figure. Well known for her famous 2021 Grammy-nominated track "Both of US," the Canadian artist encapsulates an inspiring message of sustainability and conservation in her music, consistently delivering groovy and soulful beats that showcase her passion for the environment and her commitment to raising awareness through her art. With a wealth of experience and expertise in her field, Jayda G is not just a talented musician, but a true advocate for positive change.

9. Jaden Thompson

Despite being a relative newcomer to the scene, Jaden Thompson's talent, hardworking nature, and disarming humility have quickly gained him recognition from across the industry. His breakthrough hit "Closer," and its subsequent remixes skyrocketed him to fame in the music industry. Achieving superstardom in a competitive and fast-paced environment can be overwhelming, but if one remains authentic and stays focused, like Jaden, the possibilities are endless!

10. Hitty

It is always fascinating to see DJs who never envisioned music as their primary profession, rise to fame. Hitty didn't pursue production as a professional career until 2008, despite having a musical background dating back to the early 2000s. The best things come to those who wait. And it's good he chose to pursue music full-time, as his effervescent productions are perfect for the dancefloor and the sparkle of a disco ball. His years of DJing at HeatFM have honed his ability to create musically rich tracks that blend tech house, hip-hop, and disco elements. His extensive experience in the studio and on the turntables also led to his partnership with former house/tech duo Shenin Amara & AR to launch their imprint, Nocturnalist Records.

11. Niteplan

Niteplan, a London native, is rapidly becoming a sought-after artist in the minimal and deep-tech house. His tracks are rinsed left and right by major-league names such as SkreamJamie JonesMichael Bibi, Marco Carola, Detlef, The Martinez Brothers, and many others. Niteplan's release, "DURRRTY," is receiving heaps of attention, along with many other tunes, that incorporate those glitchy basslines, tight synths, reverberating stabs, and crispy beats that make the crowd go mad.

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