Gray Area's new venture, "Debut," aims to bridge the international house music community by bringing established and emerging artists to cities they've never performed in. This initiative seeks to expand artists' fan bases and provide fans with fresh, exhilarating musical experiences. Having played a role in introducing major artists and brands like elrow and Awakenings to new audiences in the past, Gray Area believes in the magic of first-time experiences. By promoting artists in new venues and cities, they hope to cultivate a thriving, unified house music ecosystem. Debut is not merely a marketing strategy but embodies Gray Area's commitment to fostering collaboration, unity, and musical discovery.

[Op-Ed] Building a Bolder and More Vibrant House Music Ecosystem, For All

Gray Area founder Michael Julian Kovadlo discusses the launch of Debut, a new event series aimed at creating value for the entire dance music community. No single person or descriptor captures the breadth and beauty of the house music community. For a relatively young genre, born in Chicago some 40-odd years ago, house has permeated many corners o...

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